"The Good, Bad and Indifferent of Washington County Growth"
Apr 17, 2023 11:58 AM
David Watson, Dan McArthur, Scott Hirschi
"The Good, Bad and Indifferent of Washington County Growth"

Do you remember when St. George had just one street light?

Do you remember when 700 South was considered out-of-town?

Do you remember when all of our kids went to the same high school?

Do you know the St. George LDS Tabernacle's "official" designation in the community?

Do you remember what Jay Ence brought to St. George ... because they're NOT native to this area?

Do you know who wrote "Are You from Dixie?"  Can you sing it from memory?

Were you here when the dam broke? Do you know how many name changes Utah Tech has had?  How many locations?  Do you know what 3 things officially put St. George on the map?

These questions may not be discussed in the program on Monday, May 17 but you can be sure you will leave with LOTS of good information about the growth curve in our community. ... and what's ahead in the next 2-5 decades.  And, don't forget to "bring your one.